Quick Start Intensive Driving Courses

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FAQ’s –Drive Now, Pay Later Quick Intensive Driving Course
Below are some of the most frequently asked questions:


Q1) How can I start on one of your drive now pay later courses?

Once we receive your part payment, the driving instructor will agree a start date with you.
This is usually at the beginning of the week on a Monday and will run until Friday for between 3 to 6 hours per day.

We advise you don’t arrange time of work until the dates and times of your instruction have formalised.

The instructor will arrange to collect you each day of the course from your chosen location.

If you require a theory test, we usually book that for you on the Monday or Tuesday afternoon to coincide with the end of your practical lesson.

Our aim is to get your driving test booked for the final day of your training, on Friday afternoon, at your local driving test centre. The test will form the final 90 minutes of your intensive course which includes the cost of hiring the instructor’s vehicle to take the test. Please note: The DVSA do not provide cars.

Q2) Is the cost of the test included in the course fees?

Yes, we include the fee for the test in our course prices.

Q3) Can you give support with revision for the theory part?

We can give you guidance about the number of hours you need to devote to revision and point you to the premium version of the theory test pro website, with free access. You can then revise with your smartphone via the app or online whenever you wish. Our instructors will willingly answer any questions you have or clear any confusions.

Q4) How can you arrange a quicker test after my course, when the waiting list in my area is two – three months?

Our team have the time and dedication to find you a slot to take your test at extremely short notice. Most driving schools do not have the resources to keep abreast of cancellations coming in and free slots appearing.

Q5) What if you cannot get me a test for the Friday?

The majority of our learner drivers request a short notice course; therefore we work from the DVSA system which means we can usually obtain a cancellation for the Friday or the first available slot the following week. With your permission, the test centre will be in your locality. The standard waiting list can be 3 months or over.

NB>>For a 100% guarantee of getting a test slot for the Friday, pupils would need to pass the theory test about 3 months prior to commencement of a driving course, with the practical driving test booked on the official booking website, on the normal waiting list at Gov.uk.

Q6) What if I fail my theory test?

Within the hours we have arranged for you in your intensive driving course, the instructor will continue to get you to the required level.

We can rebook the theory test for you again later the same week, depending on availability, at an extra fee of £35 which includes finding you a cancellation.

Alternatively, you can rebook the test yourself on the standard waiting list, checking for cancellations, on gov.uk for £25.

You will need to allow two clear working days if you fail a theory test before you can retake it. Providing you have reached a safe standard of driving, once you have
passed the theory test, we will book your practical test.

Q7) What happens if I fail the practical test?

No full guarantee can be given by any driving school or instructor that you will pass first time, although the majority of our pupils are successful after the first test. If you fail on a simple error, you can the rebook the test with DNPL; you can
also arrange one or two hours practice beforehand if you wish.

Q8) Is your course cheaper if I have already passed my theory test?

If you have passed your theory test you will be exempt from the £35 theory test fee

Q9) Can you help if I only need weekly lessons leading up to my test?


Q10) Is it a realistic expectation to pass in one week?

You need to put in sufficient practice hours in the week and pass your theory test; it should then be possible to pass in a week, or a few days later if no immediate cancellation in your area is available.

Q11) Will a part payment be refunded in full?

In the unlikely event we cannot make your booking, your part payment will be refunded in full.

Q12) Do I pay an extra for my test day?

Our intensive driving courses include the use of the training vehicle and the DVSA do not provide cars. If you live a distance from the test centre or need more than the hour allowed for taking the driving test and taking you back home afterwards, you may need to pay a little extra.

Q13) How do I book the course and how do I pay?

Book online using the booking form. You will need to pay a part payment prior to course commencement and full details of easy and convenient payment methods are on our site. You can request a call back or email info@drivenowpaylater.co.uk for an enquiry if you wish and we will reply as soon as possible.